dB Collective is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based band that plays rockin' blues and classic rock, all served up with a special dB sauce that makes a dB Collective event a truly unique experience.

dB Collective is all about reaching the edge of the musical envelope:

How can you twist a song and make is something more?
Where is this groove gonna go?
Damn, that's spicy!

dB Collective is dedicated to keepin' the music fresh and the audience rockin'!


dB Collective at Liquid Johnny's 10-4 

Next dB Collective gig is at Liquid Johnny's at 76th and Main in Milwaukee on October 4th, 2014 from 9:30 till 1:30.  Liquid's is a cool little intimate place where it almost feels like the musicians are in the crowd.  Perfect for getting close to your favorite dB Collective member!   Featuring some specials guests on this one!  Don't miss it!

Paramount Blues Festival 

Many thanks to the Paramount Blues Festival for a wonderful experience on September 5th!  Always great to rock outdoors, and the Paramount Blues Festival does it right!

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